Corgis are social, family-oriented canines. They were bred to be at attention as herding, guard, and companion dogs, so they're always focused on their owners. They're playful and affectionate.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Labrador retrievers have friendly eyes and grins. Labs were bred to be fishing and hunting partners. They love people and are pleasant, carefree. High-energy dogs require daily exercise.

Labrador Retriever

Golden retrievers are kind to people and animals. Confidence helps. Goldens' sunny disposition helps them traverse the world. A golden will sit or stay as long as you wish.

Golden Retriever

Boston terriers are playful and affectionate. They love making new friends and playing. They're versatile and comfortable in numerous settings. The goofy smile will seal the deal.

Boston Terrier

Irish setters are pleasant, vivacious canines that dog lovers love. If their energy builds up, they may indulge in undesired activities like excessive barking or gnawing. An Irish setter needs exercise.

Irish Setter

Beagles are a happy breed that loves humans. They love playing fetch and going on walks with their owners. They love having fun and cuddling with their favourite individuals.


Border collies please. They're in tune with their humans, which assists them in dog sports like agility and flying disc. Minimize a border collie's impulse to herd everything in sight to prevent nipping.

Border Collie

Boxers love attention. The more positive attention you offer them, the more they'll give back. Boxers are good pets for families with kids. Training can decrease their desire to jump on humans.


Pugs are small but mighty. They like strangers and dogs. They're friendly. They were raised as companions for China's elite ruling class, and they remain devoted companions.


If you've read or seen Lassie, you know collies are smart, caring, and devoted. They're friendly, love the outdoors, and are great with youngsters.


This dog is accommodating before its friendliness. It's less prone to trigger canine allergies and comes in toy, tiny, and standard sizes. This dog enjoys people and participates in activities. Another kid-friendly breed.


Their frowning features are deceiving. Friendly, low-maintenance Bulldogs make loyal companions. They follow you around. They're trainable and adaptable to urban and rural situations.


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