Strong physical attraction might inspire someone to take a risk they would never take for love. You're an Aries who isn't afraid of taking chances. Feelings take the wheel here.


You can do whatever your heart desires right now. The allure of a soulmate who has deeply and profoundly affected you is what drives you. You might never get another chance at a first kiss like this one!


Whether or if you are destined to spend the rest of your lives together is something you can't predict at this point, but you're prepared to take a chance and find out. A tumble through the agony will be worthwhile.


Cancer, love is in the air, and you couldn't be more ready to soak it up. You long for the comfort and joy that can only come from a loving partnership. You can't help but be drawn to it.


Leo, you're not afraid to show how you feel. You can't possibly fathom the source of your current sensitivity. Yet there is nothing to be ashamed of. You know in your heart that this is the right thing to do, and you refuse to let fear slow you down.


Watch how you express your wants right now. You come off as more powerful and forceful than you actually are, which could be a problem. Use caution while expressing something you know to be true. Soft words have a lot greater impact than harsh ones when trying to get a message across.


If you have been thinking about a particular person a lot and find them appealing, you might decide to pursue a long-distance relationship with them. Exactly how things escalated so rapidly is a mystery to you. But now you're experiencing emotions you haven't felt in a while.


You've arrived at your moment of glory, Scorpio. Everything you want seems to be finding its way to you without your having to actively seek it out. Your love life, good friend circle, and pet projects are all on the upswing.


A person's perception of the past is the only thing that prevents them from moving forward. If you're not sure if you should bring up your past relationships with your current love, your heart will let you know when the moment is appropriate.


The spark in a friend's eye can be reignited. Perhaps you're witnessing the beginning of romantic feelings in a friendship you'd hoped would remain platonic. Attraction flows both ways. As unlikely as it sounds, this scenario may actually be ideal.


It's natural to be wary about getting too attached at work, especially if you're falling for the boss. However, if the conditions are right, everything is possible. True love is elusive, and its location is a mystery until it is experienced.


Discover a new perspective on love and what it can be for you. Different dynamics exist in every couple. You may feel like you've reached your learning potential, but there's always more to take in.


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