Blue Jay

The blue jay is one of the list's most attractive animals. Most U.S. states view this gorgeous bird year-round. It's blue with black and white designs.

 Blue iguana

Grand Cayman's native blue iguana. Humans have built roads and forced the iguana further into the jungle, making it an endangered species. The herbivorous blue iguana is harmless to humans.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

The blue poison Dart frogs live in Suriname's rainforests. This poisonous frog kills or paralyses its prey, as its name suggests. This poison can be deadly to humans.

Blue Morpho

The morpho butterfly is gorgeous. This butterfly lives in South American tropical forests. Human meddling has shrunk South American tropical forests, endangering the Morpho.

Indian Peafowl

The Indian peacock is found throughout the subcontinent. Especially in dry places. This bird's colourful wings help it attract mates. It's a peacock!

Blue Lobster

The blue lobster is indigenous to Florida's waters. It's kept in freshwater aquariums worldwide, especially the US. The species is naturally blue, but it's carefully grown to be even bluer.

Blue Tang

This Indo-Pacific surgeonfish is also called the regal tang or palette surgeonfish. Despite not being a tough fish, it's popular with aquarium fans. The fish helps coral flourish by eliminating algae.

Blue Starfish

This starfish is widely found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and near Indonesia. It's dark or light blue and some have dots. It can be found among coral reefs or on soft sand.

Mountain bluebird

Dark blue is for males, whereas pastel blue is for girls. This bird lives in North America. They graze on insects, berries, worms, and peanuts in winter. they're monogamous

Common Kingfisher

The tiny kingfisher has 7 subspecies in Eurasia and North Africa. Beautiful feathers and a short tail. Feeds by diving. Special optical characteristics let it identify submerged prey.

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