The Tattoo You Should Get, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Heart Tattoo

Aries, you're the most confident. As a cardinal fire sign, you act rapidly and don't fear failure.

Taurus: Floral Tattoo

Celebrate earth's beauty with a plant tattoo. Since every plant has a symbolic meaning, you can choose the appropriate bloom to symbolize your personality.

Gemini: Bird Tattoo

As the sign who's always looking for the next thrill in life, it's no surprise that you're the type to get a tattoo on a whim.

Cancer: Celestial Tattoo

Cancer is the crab of the zodiac, but there are plenty of ways to embrace your sign other than getting a tattoo of a crustacean. 

Leo: Sun Tattoo

Tattoos don't require subtlety. As the most extroverted zodiac sign, your swagger invites attention.

Virgo: Quote Tattoo

So, you aren't likely to head to a tattoo shop until you know exactly what you want on your body (with photo references from Pinterest, of course).

Libra: Butterfly Tattoo

As the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and aesthetics, it's important for everything in your life to showcase both beauty and balance.


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