Tarot card: Three of Swords, reversed
Aries, nursing a broken heart may be on your 'to-do' list this week, but you know it's normal and expected.You're stoic and tough, and even if you're going through bad times, you realise this is simply a pitstop. Aries, just a little longer and then...freedom!


Tarot card: Eight of Swords
You wonder why you made a risky decision. You behaved impulsively and can't move, but you can use this 'downtime' to plot your next move. This week's time-out is "forced," so you'll spend it wisely and understand what you did wrong.


Tarot card: The Fool, reversed
Gemini, when life's drama is too great, you sink into 'willful ignorance.'  This week, you choose to be a fool because it's easier than coping with the turmoil everywhere. You skip interesting or engaging activities because they're too much for your mind to handle.


Tarot card: Knight of Cups
Cancer, this week brings pleasant love news. This'shining armour' knight won't necessarily save you, but he will bring you pleasant news and loving words. This week, you'll get wonderful news and great energy from someone you trust. Cancer, you have a good week and feel comfortable and secure.


Tarot card: Ace of Cups
It's hard to top Leo's card this week. Leo, this Ace is you and your environment. This week will be nice and productive. Your love life and mood will improve. You'll like everything you accomplish and be confident that your luck will continue.


Tarot card: Six of Cups, reversed
This week has no upsets, disputes, or malevolent characters out to get you. Everything feels smooth and easy, yet you're due certain items. You may be focusing too much on gifts. You have everything, but you're ungrateful.


Tarot card: Ten of Pentacles
Libra, keep doing whatever you've been doing to make so much money, since this week will be financially rewarding. The Ten of Pentacles is like winning the jackpot, but not'metaphorically.' This week you win something, and if you don't, expect back pay or money owing to you. Time to shop!


Tarot card: Two of Swords, reversedThis week, Scorpio, is about a decision you may have put off. You'll probably make the wrong decision this week because you're not into making it You'll do the wrong thing to get out of it, which will get you more entangled.


Tarot card: The Devil, reversed
What looks like a card bringing bad luck is actually a caution to Sagittarius to stay out of strife. You speak swiftly and eloquently; you may like hearing yourself. Just...don't. Why bother perfecting insults? You'll appear cruel. Relax, Sagittarius.


Tarot card: Eight of Wands, reversed
Capricorn readings always lead to work. Working is comforting, no matter your situation.You'll find consolation in work again this week.You're a genius for creating a method to inner calm by focusing on one item at a time.


Tarot card: Page of Swords, reversed
Choosing a challenging task this week could end up being a mistake. The cool thing you accepted too fast is now a burden you'd rather have avoided. This week could require a tough decision, but if you stick to it, your life could improve.


Tarot card: Justice
Excellent tarot card. Pisces, examine choices this week. This week, you'll hear a good ending. In your scenario, you will likely win a lawsuit or stop a problematic circumstance. No more'slow downs', says this tarot card.


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