The Pacific Ocean is home to this stunning psychedelic species, and it is not far from the coasts of Australia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Mandarin fish

The white Bengal tiger lacks pheomelanin pigment, which gives typical Bengal tigers orange fur. White tigers grow faster and heavier than orange ones.

White tiger

This species of parrot is native to South America, and it is notable not just for its vivid plumage but also for its vocal abilities.

Blue and gold macaw

The Spanish name for this butterfly, "espejitos," means "tiny mirrors" because of the way the light reflects off of its wings.

Glasswinged butterfly

This little fox is only found in the Arctic, and its thick, warm, beautiful fur serves double duty as camouflage.

Arctic fox

This beautiful bird is the Honduran national symbol due to its remarkable appearance and vivid colours.

Scarlet macaw

As far as we know, this little predator is the only kind of cat that lives in actual deserts.

Sand cat

This African finch has the best colouring of any bird in the world.

Lilac-breasted roller

The Amur leopard, with its distinctive spotted fur, is one of the world's most beautiful and, sadly, most persecuted wild animals.

Amur leopard

The Portuguese term "flamengo," meaning "flame-colored," aptly describes this bird's appearance, and serves as the source of its unusual name.


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A closer glance reveals that this cute bird has an enchanting appearance.

Snowy owl