Aries, enjoy all your favourite activities. The Moon entering your home sector may get you thinking about holiday decorations and the warmth of the season. .


You're in the mood to have a nice chat with a buddy who shares your worldview. The end of the year is a great time to get together with friends and family for a cup of coffee to discuss goals and plans for the coming year.


You're in a great position to plan for a more secure financial future right now. Maybe you're dreaming of a fresh start in a new place or planning out how you'll invest your holiday bonus.


Cancer, the next five days are tailor-made for you. When the Moon is in your sign, your feelings will be highly attuned to the atmosphere. Invest in some self-care by doing something pleasant for yourself, and give yourself some time to recharge.


It only takes a happy recollection to transport you to a time when things were less complicated. Though you can't change what's already happened, you can create memories with the people you care about today that will last a lifetime.


The opportunity to reconnect with long-lost friends is a priceless treasure. It's almost the end of the year, so why not start thinking about your next vacation? If it has been a while since you last sent a holiday card, consider doing so to rekindle the warmth of your friendship.


It's great when you have the option to telecommute or take some time off to recharge. Request any time off that you may need before the end of the year but won't be able to carry over to the next calendar year. Time off work should be used whenever possible.


Have you been to your local library lately? Your local library might be a great date or family activity. If you prefer local bookstores, visit one to see what best seller would make a good stocking stuffer this year.


Express yourself sincerely when you communicate. When the Moon is in Cancer, your softer, more giving side can really shine. Since you have been so blessed this year, maybe it's time to pay it forward to those who are less fortunate. Donate to organisations whose missions align with your own values and beliefs.


Knowing that you have earned someone else's gratitude is a wonderful feeling. The next few days are perfect for expressing gratitude to a business associate or networking contact who has helped you out.


Now is the moment to finish up any loose ends. The Moon's placement in your vocation suggests taking on some manageable at-home initiatives. What exactly needs fixing? Put that on the list of things to do, and make sure it gets done.


Right now is a fantastic time to plan something out of the ordinary. Plan an exciting outing with your sweetheart or a close friend. Conjure up a memorable experience.


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