The Basenji is an excellent choice for anyone who need a dog that doesn't bark a lot. The larynx of this 19th-century breed is anatomically incorrect, earning it the nickname "the barkless dog." Yodeling is something to keep an eye out for nevertheless.


A Great Dane is a quiet dog. Though they're known for their size, Great Danes are silent. Yes, they bark. Compared to other yappy breeds, they bark less often.

 Great Dane

Australian Shepherds or Texas Heelers are superb wranglers. They're farm animals, after all. If you've ever spent time with an Australian Cattle Dog, you may have also noticed how quiet they are.

Australian Cattle Dog

Shar Pei owners adore their dogs for reasons other than the breed's instantly recognisable wrinkles. As a result of their placid temperaments, these canines are less likely to become overexcited at the sight of a stranger at the door.

Shar Pei

The long, lean body of the Borzoi provides for a stunning visual (which also makes it one of the fastest dog breeds there is). The Borzoi may have a refined appearance and manner, but it doesn't bark very often, if at all.


Some of the most endearing qualities of Frenchies are that they are quiet, mellow, and lazy. Little as they are, these dogs aren't prone to barking, making them ideal pets but not fantastic security dogs.

French Bulldog

Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds are both quiet dogs at a young age. They're lightning quick and have high prey drives, but the fact that they're so stealthy in pursuit is what made Greyhounds so popular as hunting dogs.


The "Silent Hunter" moniker that Akitas have received is a good indication of how silent they are. They are good security dogs since they bark constantly and alert the family to any potential danger.


Occasionally, a Bernese Mountain Dog will share their thoughts and feelings. Training can "fix" this. Boredom is likely the cause of your Bernese Mountain Dog's constant barking.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Shih Tzus shouldn't be thrown along with yappy toy breeds. Shih Tzus bark occasionally, but not excessively. Whether housetraining or anti-barking, Shih Tzus need constancy.

Shih Tzu

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