This week brings workplace turmoil and unresolved issues. This means you won't budge from a topic this week. You'll struggle and fight for this one question. You need to know something, but no one will tell you. The week brings frustration and resignation.


This week, Taurus, you're better off alone since you trust your gut over others' advice. This week's resolutions emphasise believing in yourself and not others. You're the ultimate source of information, and you've witnessed how meditation helps. Spirituality, self-trust help this week.


You feel incredibly strong this week, in body and mind, but you haven't figured out why. You'll need all your strength and stamina to keep going, which could tyre you out. You'll persevere and succeed. This will give you both accomplishment and fatigue.


This week is going your way, and you know it. Quite. Cancer, you've accomplished something and are now famous. You'll be praised for your work and efforts, but you'll know such weeks don't last. You're respectful and humble. You hope for more weeks like this.


This week looks and feels excellent to you, so you may want to'rest on your laurels' You're happy with life and your achievements this week. You're not rushed, and what you've accomplished is working for you. It's hardly a week of rest, but you should cherish what you have.


This week, call out someone or something that's out of control. It's a nice week, and when you "laid down the law," you do it to relieve people from their judgments. You're wise and can give solid advise this week; hopefully others listen.


You may feel like slacking this week because you have no pressing obligations. As an adult, you're the only one who knows what this week's "playtime" entails. It's quality time alone and with friends. This week is relaxed and low-key.


This week, a rejection will bring you closure. That may not sound optimistic, but it's healthy. This week, this "thing" ends for good. You may not have anticipated the ending, which seems to be rejection. You would have stuck around forever if you hadn't been rejected, so it's good.


This week, family and romantic love will bring you delight and success. You're not that nihilistic, but you only need one person, and you'll see them this week. You feel like you can manage everything life throws at you. With them, nothing else seems significant.


This week, you'll celebrate a relative's birthday or a coworker's retirement. Nobody wants to fight or debate this week. You feel generous, so if there's partying, you'll probably be the 'benefactor' I'll pay! Your weekly chant. You'll have fun.


This week, you'll find yourself waiting around. This provides you time to strategize; you know you'll be notified and invited to join the group at the right time. Waiting tests nerves and patience. This week is about self-development, patience, and cosmic trust.


This week's tasks will be burdensome and boring, but they are your fate...for the week. You're someone's designated driver. Since this person is the "special guest," they require extra attention and are unfamiliar with the location.


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