This playful breed is called aby-silly-ans. They're wonderful for older children because they're active.

 British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a placid, laid-back breed that is patient, even when handled violently by an unsuspecting toddler.


The gentle, friendly Birman is a terrific household cat. This social breed enjoys cuddling and will follow you around and help with tasks


This friendly cat loves attention, making it excellent for a home with kids. They're friendly, eager, and even play fetch like dogs.

Cornish Rex

The adventurous Cornish Rex loves to explore. This breed is a good household cat since he enjoys attention and tricks.


The Himalayan is a Siamese-Persian cross. They might be placid and quiet like Persians or lively and friendly like Siamese

Maine Coon

Do you worry about a child yanking a cat's tail when you image them together? Manx dogs don't have tails to pull. 


This cat was called after a rag doll because it likes to stretch out and be carried. Like a doll, kids love this breed. 


Forget everything your youngsters think they know about 101 Dalmatians' Siamese. Mischievous, but gentle and playful, Siamese cats. The agile Siamese will entertain your household.


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