Fish are the third most common pet in the United States, with 15% of households keeping one. Owners claim they make excellent house decor and that maintaining fish is an enjoyable and easy activity.


8% of pet-owning households have birds because they're entertaining and interesting to talk about. Petcha says cockatiels and parrots are the most popular American breeds.


Rabbits are the next most popular type of speciality pet, following fish.


Chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese are popular US meats. Popularity exceeds hamsters and guinea pigs. Many households have several poultry pets.


While hamsters are more common, guinea pigs are still rather popular. They are probably popular because, like hamsters, they are small and easy to keep.

Guinea pigs

It is estimated that 334 people out of every 1,000 have a ferret as a pet. Makes sense, yet again, because of their diminutive stature and widespread availability among pet shops.


One of the most widely kept exotic pets is a turtle. They are more well-liked than snakes or lizards. Many people who keep them as pets report that, despite appearances, they are actually very mellow and kind.


Only 4% of US pet owners possess reptiles. Like bird owners, reptile owners find their pets fun to chat about. A poll by the American Pet Products Association found that millennials own more than 50% of reptiles in the US.


Horses may not be as widespread as you believe due of their cost. One horse costs $3,500 to $4,600 a year, therefore owners may be better off keeping fish.


890 out of 1,000 homes own a hamster. This isn't surprising considering they're small and affordable in US pet stores.


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