This majestic raptor is the quickest animal in the kingdom. Peregrine falcons fly between 40 and 60 mph on average, but can reach 240 mph when diving for food. Peregrine falcons reside along coasts on practically every continent. 

Peregrine Falcon

Golden eagles have light-colored head and back markings. When hunting, it may reach 200 mph.This eagle is used in falconry, a mediaeval sport.Golden eagles see well. 

Golden Eagle

These guano bats can travel swiftly across great distances. At 100 mph, they're fast. North and South American bats dwell in large colonies and eat millions of pounds of insects each year. 

Tailed Bat

The rock dove, or common pigeon, can fly 97 mph. 7 These swift birds can find their way home from anywhere, making them popular as pets and carrier pigeons. Rock doves are everywhere in parks and cities. 

Rock Dove

The albatross is a fascinating bird that sailors consider lucky. It has the greatest wingspan of any bird and may live for decades without landing. They are carnivores and hunt krill and squid by smell.


Leopards are fast land animals. Cheetahs run 61 mph in Africa's savannas and grasslands. Cheetahs sprint and pounce on prey. Unlike most big cats, cheetahs hunt all day. They seek higher ground to hunt and follow scent traces.


African lions can also run fast. When chasing prey, they may explode into 60 mph sprints, but not for long durations. Female lions hunt mostly during dawn and dusk. Lions eat every four to five days and can eat 20 pounds at once.


Yellowfin tuna can reach 47 mph and is found in most oceans. Once near-threatened, it's now of least concern to the IUCN. Overfishing is reducing populations. Yellowfin tuna migrate large distances for food and mating.

Yellowfin Tuna

These sharks have been measured at 13 feet in length and have been clocked at 45 miles per hour. A mako that weighed over a thousand pounds was the largest ever caught. 

Mako Shark

When hyenas go hunting, they mean business. They've been clocked at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour during complete sprints. This quickness is also useful for evading their primary predators, which include lions and humans.


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