Top Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark (Much)


Basenjis are termed the "barkless dog" since they don't bark. Gilmartin argues the shape of their larynx prevents barking. 

Chow Chow

The breed is particularly protective of their owners and their home and not fond of strangers, but they are unlikely to use their voice to scare people away. 


The funny and cute People know that Pugs don't bark much. "Pugs aren't exactly known for being overly alert and loud.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This puts them in the middle of barking levels. In general, the Bernese is thought to be a breed that gets along well with everyone.


Borzois are quiet and act like cats. Since they are sighthounds, they don't bark much or make a lot of noise in general.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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French Bulldog

They are called "Frenchies," and most of the time they only bark to warn. This small dog is thought to be a great apartment dog 


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