On January 4, 2021, the AKC recognised these toy dogs. Gertrude and Werner Biewer, who raised Yorkshire terriers, created the Biewer terrier in the 1980s. The piebald gene causes this pigmentation. The world adored these sweeties.

Biewer Terrier

The Cesky, pronounced "chess-key," loves family time and playing games. This dog, bred to hunt vermin, loves to play with friends. Early socialisation is important because they distrust strangers.

Cesky Terrier

Finnish Spitz pups, thought extinct in the late 1800s, are popular nowadays. They adore people and aren't hesitant to shout it from the rooftops. Your Finnish Spitz loves new hobbies, so don't be shy.

Finnish Spitz

The Hovawart Club of North America says hovawart meaning agricultural watchman in German. Their protective and friendly temperament makes them great family pets. Intelligence makes them good therapy and SAR dogs.


Lagotto Romagnolos aren't goldendoodles. This curly-coated Italian breed may favour work over pleasure. Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America claims they're happy using both brains and brawn.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Ibizan Hounds are graceful and deer-like. This Spanish breed has amber eyes, huge ears, and red and white fur. This quiet, kid-friendly dog was designed to hunt rabbits and needs high fences. Ibizans can sail over 5-foot hurdles.

Ibizan Hound

Cane Corso derives from Roman battle dogs about 600 AD Italy. This huge, athletic dog was great for herding, hunting, and guarding. In the 1980s, the breed nearly went extinct. The Cane Corso needs an experienced owner who can handle its protective instincts.

Cane Corso

Belgian Schipperkes are little and lively. The inquisitive "little black demon" was a vermin hunter. They're cheerful, loyal pals nowadays. Their snarky attitude and mischief-making require a loyal owner. A well-fenced yard and on-leash walks are essential for Schipperkes.


Picard gets mistaken for a dog at Winn-Berger Dixie. This dog's appearance is misleading. French dog. After WWII, the Berger Picard vanished. French and international breeders are re-establishing themselves. Berger is calm, athletic, and humorous.

Berger Picard

Boykin Spaniels have gold eyes and a smooth, chocolate-colored coat, but they're not lap dogs. This spaniel is a seasoned hunter. Boykins were bred to track wild turkeys in the early 1900s. Boykin Spaniels, South Carolina's state dog, are amiable and love children.

Boykin Spaniel

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