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Too many people have trouble obtaining enough sleep each night.

Light can sneak in through windows and beneath doors, interrupting your sleep.

Sleep masks can help.

Turning down the temperature a few degrees makes your bedroom more cozy and sleep-friendly.

Turn down the temperature

Blackout curtains might help if you're awakened up by lights inside or outside your home

Consider blackout curtains

Light sleepers might benefit greatly from earplugs that shut out a snoring partner or a raging party next door.

Use earplugs to block out annoying sounds

If earplugs don't work, a white noise machine can help suppress noise.

or invest in a white noise machine

Everyone is always on their phones, which might affect sleep.

An hour before bed, stop using your phone.

Evening exercise, whether it's a walk or a gym session, can help you go asleep quickly.

Consider exercising in the evenings

Scientific evidence shows that pets can disrupt sleep.

Pets shouldn't sleep in your bed.


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