Aries, you're not looking for just any kind of love. You want a partnership in which you can be yourself and reveal all of your secrets.The person who will hold your heart must be a bold soul who understands that your love is not easily given away. It needs to be earned.


When you fall in love with someone, you fall hard. To be entirely fearless is a statement of love for you. You are a wild soul looking for a mate who can handle your rough edges and is not afraid to expose your flaws.


You've never revealed a portion of yourself with another person, but this relationship is different, and you want to give your entire heart away. You're ready to look at love with new eyes. You're feeling more daring than ever this time.


It's ok to cry, Cancer. Love isn't just shared laughs or time in the sun. Moments when you have to hold a person's hand during a scary situation. In your heart, you know these are the moments true love is revealed, so you don't run when times get bad.


You have the ability to see what you want as if you already have it, Leo. You know what kind of lover you're looking for, and it's not a soulmate. You're looking for a best friend and romantic companion who can go through life with you.


Learning to love someone well takes time, Virgo. You were not born knowing how to care for another human being. You have to learn how to nurture your own first. So, making a few mistakes is a learning curve, but one that you can master with time.


When it comes to your relationships, you've always been a healer. You're looking for a buddy or partner who can help you overcome profound concerns and draw you out of a dark place right now. You require someone to look into your life and see the potential that you have shown others in the past.


You are the type of person who requires love as much as living creatures require oxygen and water. Although you may tolerate being single, there are times when you would rather be hugged and embraced for who you are by another flawed individual.


Push some of the worries that keep you awake at night behind you. You have a lot to be concerned about. You don't need to pile on another problem that belongs on someone else's plate.


Today could be the day when your boyfriend proposes to you. Marriage may worry you, but you are ready to take a risk and go on this journey with your soulmate.


Right now, all you need is your favourite fuzzy pet and a quiet area. Romance is a distant memory, and you may want for it again one day, but for now, you prefer to fly solo and do your own thing.


When it comes to romance, Pisces, it's fun to be inventive. You want to surprise your lover and observe their reaction. You want to put a grin on their face and make them laugh like they've never laughed before.


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