Before you get to the man's duty and what to look for, start with yourself.

Her Side Of The Equation

A woman can now make the appropriate movements and give her boyfriend space and support. 

His Side Of The Equation

Neither one will be encouraged to commit if he lacks an orienting sense of purpose. One (or both) will grab the other for stability.


Women will sense his lack of inner strength and lose interest in him.

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

Control tactics only work on masculinity-deficient males.

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

He lacks self-definition and a mission. His behavior is more about pleasing people and appearing nice than following his path

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

A boyish part of him wants someone else to control the shots and give his life significance

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

A sensitive woman won't be satisfied because she won't have a true man or relationship.

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

Getting engaged with a manly man is another matter. We mean men like these. This individual has self-driven ambition.

He knows himself thanks to self-improvement. He's moving forward regardless of who's with him

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely

They violate his liberty. It's emotional handcuffs. It tells him she doesn't love or care about him.


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