The retina uses "cones" to discern color, says the AAO.

Dogs color-blind?

Human eyes have red, green, and blue cones.

Leads to weight gain

Dogs' two types of cones allow them to see blue and yellow.

Leads to weight gain

Dogs can recognize blue and yellow, thus they can mix them.

What colors can dogs see? 

A person with red-green color blindness misidentifies colors.

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According to Healthline, black can be viewed as red or brilliant green as yellow.

Leads to weight gain

VCA Animal Hospitals says people and dogs also sense different hues.

How can dogs see?

Dogs are nearsighted. If you and your dog look at the same tree, it may appear blurrier to them.

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Comparatively, dogs have greater peripheral vision but worse depth perception.

Leads to weight gain

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