What drinks are best and worst for keeping you hydrated?

Plain water is the best way to stay hydrated, there's no doubt about it. And this stylish water bottle makes it easy to drink enough water.


Milk is thicker than water, so you might suppose it dehydrates. Milk's protein keeps you fed on hot days, something water can't accomplish. 


Infusing water with fruit is a healthy method to add taste without sugar. Favorite pairings? Lime and basil, cucumber and mint are some infused water possibilities.

Fruit-infused water

100% fruit juice contains roughly 85% water, making it highly hydrating. Fruit vitamins are healthful. Juices may contain additional sugars that impede hydration.

Fruit juice

Okay, so this isn't a drink...but when you eat watermelon, you retain 92 percent of the liquid you consume. That is superior to fruit juice! You might also try these additional hydrating foods.


We were skeptical about Gatorade's hydrating claims, but they're true. Sports drinks' electrolytes (salts) improve hydration. (Know how sweat's salty? You want to reintroduce it.

Sports drinks

Caffeine-free teas are fantastic, especially leaves in hot water. Hot or cold, herbal, black, green, or chamomile tea is as hydrating as water.


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