Most of us are dreamers that like to see sweeping possibilities when it comes to romance. This is where the trouble lies.

 It's annoying and inconvenient and happens to almost everyone.

If you haven't slept well, you'll be exhausted during the day. This could disrupt your work and cause problems.


Your body produces less melatonin if you stay up late watching TV because you can't sleep. Cancer may result.


Sleep promotes healing. Sleep deprivation accelerates natural aging.


Less sleep makes you more impulsive and prone to bad mistakes.


Lack of sleep can impair your immune system, making you prone to colds and other illnesses.

Immune system deficiency

Even if you have a sleeping partner next to you, lying awake at night is lonely.


Your reaction times will drop if you don't get enough sleep because your body will be tired.

Slower reactions

If you're prone to anxiety, get plenty of sleep. Caffeine should be avoided before bed.


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