Dig-proofing kits stop dogs from digging under fences to escape. Bob Vila selected the Dig Defense Animal Barrier the Best Fence for Dogs That Dig in 2022. It stretches your fence deeper into the ground to avoid tunnelling.

Install a Fence Dig-Proofing System

Plastic netting keeps Terri Rockovich's dogs out of holes they've dug. Dogs may dig in Tenax poultry fencing without harming their paw pads. Secure it over holes in the yard with stainless steel pins. Your dog won't make any progress, so she may need another outlet. Dog park?

Install plastic netting

Rockovich also uses cones, which her dogs prefer to urinate on rather than having to be scooped around. If you need to divert attention away from a problem, try placing a plastic cone over it.

Set up cones around your lawn.

If your dog is digging up creatures' burrows, remove them. Gophers, moles, groundhogs, and shrews burrow. Safe for humans and dogs, Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent helps keep pests away of your yard. Biodegradable and animal-friendly

Disperse Animal Deterrent

If your dog has a digging addiction or digs in the same location every day, Zone Protects No Holes may help him break the behaviour. A dog repellent spray that is safe for humans but unpleasant to canines. It can withstand precipitation without harming your landscaping.

Canine Deterrent Spray

Cesar Milan and Ken Erhman created the Halo GPS collar. It tracks your dog's location, but it also gives a wireless perimeter and customised alarms. No shock collar! It vibrates or uses static feedback to tell your dog where to go. This could be helpful for garden- or fence-loving pets.

Try a Halo Collar

Dogs dig sometimes. A dedicated location lets your dog relieve himself in a healthy way. The Humane Society recommends burying toys and praising your dog for utilising a section of the yard. Rocks or a modest barrier might keep your dog in his area. Dogs dig in kid-safe sand and mud.

Make a Hole in the Ground

Dogs often try to burrow under couches. Instead, give them the iDig Digging Toy. Three unique flaps challenge your dog's intelligence and scooping skills. Encourage with toys or snacks. A sturdy shell and plastic base should hold most small and big diggers.

Invest on an In-Door Digging Mat

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