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In the US, it's the first Sunday after Labor Day, which is in September.

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Grandparents’ Day: History

President Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents' Day in 1978. 

Grandparents' Day: Background

The idea had been discussed since the late 1960s.

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First National Grandparents' Day was September 10, 1978.

Grandparents' Day Meaning

Americans thank their grandparents for their love, support, and care on this day.

Grandparents’ Day: Significance

The day honours grandparents' impact on their grandchildren.

Grandparents’ Day: Celebrations

Grandchildren spend the day with their grandparents.

Celebrate Grandparents' Day

Many families give gifts that honour family traditions during the festival.
Grandchildren spend time with grandparents on this day.

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