Why Do Cats Lick Each Other? The Common Grooming Behavior, Explained

When two or more cats live together, one frequently "allogrooms" the others.

All "social" species, including primates, groom, not just cats.

Licking each other's heads shows affection, trust, and connection. It's also useful for grooming

Don't be surprised if your cats purr while they clean each other. 

The vigorous licking isn't your imagination. 

Housecats may want to prove who's boss by grooming another. 

Some cats may seem brash, but that doesn't mean they want to strong-arm 

 If a cat is not amenable to grooming or finds it too vigorous, he or she may hiss or swat to show disapproval.

Some cats don't want another cat's scent on them, thus they won't allow another cat groom them.


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