How many hours do cats sleep every day?

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It's easier said than done to brush and floss twice a day. Still brushing and flossing? Good! If not, here's how to start over:

Cats can sleep for at least half of the day.

Some whiten teeth while others prevent cavities; some taste minty fresh while others like fruit snacks; some contain chemicals for sensitive teeth.

Cats that are younger or older tend to sleep the most.

Soft toothbrushes are gentler on gums. Be gentle. 

Cats' proclivity to slumber dates back to their feral ancestors.

Flossing cleans around the gum line, where bad breath-causing bacteria grows up (also known as halitosis)

domestic cats have retained this slumber inclination but no longer need to prowl for food

Tobacco use harms dental health. Both promote gum disease, which harms teeth

Instead of looking for food, your cat will most likely spend the extra energy from his extended catnaps playing with his favorite toys.

Contact your veterinarian if you believe your cat is sleeping too much or too little.

Is my cat napping excessively?

Citrus liquids, tomatoes, and sports drinks degrade enamel. These meals and drinks can damage tooth enamel.

A change in his sleep cycle might indicate that your cat is ill.

Tobacco use harms dental health. Both promote gum disease, which harms teeth

Cats sleep in a variety of postures, and each one may reveal a lot about a cat's mood or degree of comfort.

Dentists discourage hard candy. It can harm teeth, causing cavities. Hard candy's sugar promotes cavities. 

The loaf posture occurs when your cat falls asleep sitting up with his paws tucked behind him, giving him the appearance of a loaf of bread.


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