Why the World Needs Honeybees

Honeybees are extremely vital to the world's food supply: honeybees account for over $20 billion of the value of agricultural production in the United States.

Honeybees pollinate one out of every three bites of food we consume. Without the fuzzy buzzers, foods including berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, honey, and coffee would not exist.

 Last winter, U.S. beekeepers lost about 40% of their colonies, according to the Bee Informed Partnership—the "highest reported winter hive loss," according to NPR.

Author and bee education specialist Hilary Kearney says 50,000 honeybees live in a hive with divided roles, like a family

How do honeybees work?

Experts predict less fruits and vegetables. "No one knows the answer, but food costs would rise if farmers had to hand pollinate," added Kearney.

What if honeybees disappeared?

Local bees are as vital as honeybees, say Kearney and Majorelle. 3,999 wild bee species exist

Other bees are crucial.

Helping honeybees is easier than you think. Anyone may turn green area into natural habitat, whether it's ten acres or ten inches

How can people help? 

Majorelle said individuals can grow urban-adapted wildflowers in their gardens, roofs, planters, and tiny meadows.

How can people help? 

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