The South Node of Destiny activates your eighth house of healing sex and metamorphosis, Aries. You're ready to shed outdated views about partnerships, and this year you will.


Venus retrograde may put you in a funk this year. Things will get better and interesting, we promise. As the North Node awakens eccentric Uranus in your sign, you'll act wildly in dating and relationships.


Gemini, your profession will be busy this year, so make time for romance. From June 23 to July 17, Venus visits your sign, making these days excellent for a solo or couple's vacation. 


You adore a good romance Cancer, in 2022 you'll focus on love. The January Venus retrograde will have you rethink your approach to partnerships. Don't avoid completing the work. 


Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships may be causing romantic problems. Also in 2022, Leo. Relationships take work, so don't be lazy. If a relationship feels suffocating, it's probably wise to leave. 


Virgo, love seems good this year. Jupiter blesses your seventh house of partnerships. The week of April 12 is a great time to advance a relationship or meet someone special. 


You start the year strong, Libra. Your ruler, Venus, is retrograde in Capricorn this month, so relationship adjustments may drain you. Good news: your efforts will soon pay off.


Prepare to rethink love. As the South Node of Destiny enters your sign, old partnership beliefs are released. As 2022's eclipses impact this area of your life, dedication will be an emphasis. You learn to merge more freely with others.


You're in for a love-filled year, Sag. Your romantic life may be dichotomous in 2022 as Jupiter moves between your fourth and fifth houses. At times you'll want to commit and nest, and then you'll want to be free and flirt.


Beginning and ending the year, Venus activates Pluto in your sign. Focusing on your self-worth will encourage you to explore transformative romantic experiences next year. This entails having a deep-diving companion.


This year, Aquarius, life will move so quickly you may not be interested in dating. From February 1 to April 9, Juno, the asteroid of commitment, will be in your sign. 


Pisces! Singles can meet fantastic people. In a relationship, you may want to advance it or grow your family. From July 25 through October 23, Juno, the asteroid of commitment, will be retrograde in your sign.


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